This Strength program will show you how to get strong and lose body fat at the same time. Depending on your starting point you may lose upwards of 10-20 pounds in the first month.

But, I’m not saying that you will lose that each month, as you lose weight and begin to reach near or below 20% body fat you will need to be even more consistent and disciplined to lose the remaining 10 or so pounds.

Men with body fat between 12-17% are in an athletic range of fitness, if you want to see that six pack you need to get down to 12-10%. If you have a goal of being even more cut with very defined abs, you would have to reach athlete status in terms of body fat %, and get down to 8%, this will take extreme discipline with a very tight diet and even more consistency in the gym.

This road won’t be easy, but in 4 months you can absolutely transform your body, and drastically change your perspective about yourself and what you’re capable of.

I can’t wait to get you started and I look forward to our very first consult!




X Meal Plan,
though a thorough and detailed guide to create your own will be provided, PLUS macros and diet strategy.

X Weekly 15 minute Video Consult,
though a bi-weekly video consult will be provided, and same 30 minute initial assessment.

X Trainer Program Customizations,
though a the program will be customizable by you with alternative exercises available to give you the ability to choose regressions or progressions of most exercises.


Custom Meal Plan,
A custom meal plan is provided as long as you complete the necessary 1 week (5 day) calorie and food tracking.

Weekly 15 minute Video Consult,
We will work together each week on specific movement patterns and exercises that you need additional coaching on.

Trainer Program Customizations,
If alternative exercises cause any pain or difficulty and or if there is concern the program structure needs to be altered due to individual needs then this is the plan for you.

Both programs come with interactive orientation and 30 minute consult along with further movement assessments if needed, and as well, the opportunity to send in unlimited video form checks for my critique.

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Once payment is made you will be on the wait list to start the program.

Sunday January 5, a week before the program start date, you will receive an email with instructions to start your orientation and assessment.
You will be shown how to begin tracking calories, be given an orientation and movement assessments, and be set up to start first thing Monday after a light week of introductory exercises and some early coaching from me should you send in any questions and or early form checks.

Your first consult can be booked once orientation and assessments are complete before the following Monday and official start date of January 13.