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Enjoy the Effects Resistance Training has on Mental Health, One Rep at a Time.


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Enjoy the Effects Resistance Training has on Mental Health, One Rep at a Time.


Many people “think” they need a gym and all of its fancy equipment to get an effective workout.
Don’t let the excuse of not wanting to or not having time to go to the gym be the reason for you not changing for the better.


Show you how to workout and move, so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it to your life. I want you to be and feel confident in the gym and use it when ready or when you have time. Feel confident on the slope, during that touch football game, or on that hike while keeping up with everyone else.

Half the battle when starting an exercise program is learning proper form and movement patterns, the other half is consistency, and the two go hand in hand. When you are finally consistent you will get results, having someone show you the way will help you get those results faster.


Before starting any program we sit down to discuss your goals further, and determine other areas in your life in which you can create more physical activity ( such as joining rec leagues, a running club, playing a sport you once loved, doing more activities with family and friends, etc.) and create a road map to permanent lifestyle change.
You receive access to the Online Portal, are given a break down of program expectations, and are introduced to the training app we will use to deliver your workouts, store your measurements and photos, and keep in touch with throughout the week with instant messenger.



  • FIRST WEEK: Movement Assessments / Mobility Routine Created / First Progress Photos & Measurements / Movement Prep & Exercise Homework
  • THROUGH-OUT FIRST MONTH: Weekly Habit Changes, nutrition and lifestyle (ex. adjusting sleep schedule, setting workout schedule, adjusting eating schedule, planning ahead to overcome obstacles)
  • Measurements done bi-weekly, and photos done every month.
  • Optional meal plan (extra service charge).

The first month is pivotal to your success, when training with LiftStressAway you will be prepared to succeed.

You can workout anywhere with limited space. In the below form you will determine if In Home Training is possible for you.

In the case of special circumstances where regular In Home Training is not possible arrangements can be made to train at a nearby park, a friends condo, or to do a combination of ONLINE and less frequent IN PERSON training.

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Personal Training Programs and Additions.

Training Options: Sessions are either 45 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 hour and 30 minutes in length and cost accordingly. Any session arrived to late will only receive remaining time.

  • A.  45 Minute Sessions: Shorter sessions require a 15 minute warmup and mobility routine to be done prior to trainer arrival.
    Warmup and mobility routine created within the first two 45 minute sessions.
    Cost: $60 per
  • B.  1 Hour Sessions: Warmup and mobility routine included
    Cost: $65 per
  • C. 1 Hour 30 Minute Sessions: These longer sessions are required for additional instruction and coaching over a consultative role in facilitation of an hybrid training program. These are 1-2 sessions per month.
    Cost: $75 per

Group or Partner Training Options

2 Partner Training Sessions: $20 off of session price for each person

A. $40,  B. $45,  C. $55

A 3rd additional person is an additional $10 off per Participant.  A.  $30,  B. $35,  C. $45
A 4th additional person is $5 off per participant.  A.  $25,  B. $30,  C. $40

OnlineTraining Options

1 to 1 Online Training: $280 per month / $70 per week
Group Training Program: $97 per month



CUSTOM MEAL PLAN: $75 first month, $50 second month, $25 monthly add on until removed.
FMT STRETCH SESSIONS: $35 per half hour (Maximum 30 minutes)
  • Table based stretching to aid recovery in between workouts
  • If client located outside of 15 minute radius, stretch session to be added to exercise session