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Ankle Mobility is vital to maintaining upright posture while squatting. Poor ankle mobility can result in knee and low back pain, as restriction in the ankle may cause your knee to cave in and/or your hips to rock back causing your upper body to fall forward and low back to have to pick up the slack in order to rise up out of the squat. As you can imagine this can cause considerable amount of excess work and effort for your low back and spine. Over time this can cause considerable muscle pain and musculoskeletal issues.


The Foot assessment is done to determine if you have tight ankle dorsi flexors and tibialis anterior (muscle that runs along the front of the shin). If unable to freely move your toes you may need to spend time doing soft tissue work and massaging out the tibialis anterior and bottom of the feet with a lacrosse ball. If unable to stand on your tip toes for 3 seconds successfully you may require strengthening the calve muscles involved in planter flexion.

Shoulder &

Be sure to communicate with the Josh Bot to let me know if you experience any pain or obvious tightness and where throughout the exercise.
Example upper trap right side neck, or front / back / side of shoulder, or even in the bicep or elbow.

Do your best to describe what you’re feeling and when it occurs.

Hip Hinge
Step Down


You need only to provide a side view for the hip hinge, if you do not have a platform to do the step down then either build one with weight plates stacking about 4-6 inches high – OR perform the stationary lunge as an alternate. For the step down or stationary lunge record a front view and a side view of the lowering leg or side view of the leg that is back.

Wall Slide


Follow the Josh Bot to let me know how you executed the wall slides. If able to you may record a side view of your attempts. But, communicating with the Josh Bot how execution of the exercise should work well enough to describe to me what your challenges were if you had any.



Be sure to show a right side view, back view, and a left side view. If doing the inverted row with a barbell, make sure to grip the barbell so that your body weight pulls the barbell back into the frame and not out of the frame.

Scapular Glides
Torsion Control


Follow along, perform each movement with a wide base to maintain balance. The goal is to demonstrate stability at the hips, and ability to maintain a stiff torso with good spine alignment, and to potentially show inconsistencies in scapular rhythm.

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On June 21, 2019, my very good friend and past girlfriend passed from a very rare lung disease.
She was a nurse, big sister, one of mine and many others biggest supporter and will be missed by many for years to come.
In spirit, she gives me strength to be fearless and use my voice and gifts to help as many men and women as I can.

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